Based on the suspicion of shoplifting, a women was executed, headshot in her local Walgreens.

After going to the store for skittles and a bottle of Arizona, a 17-year-old male was shot and killed. His murder now autographs skittle wrappers for the KKK.

Nicholas Simon, while walking in his neighborhood in Brooklyn, was beaten, kidnapped off the street and later charged for disorderly conduct.

Two-year-old Wilmer Josue Ramirez Vasquez was brought to the U.S by his mother for medical care for a rare condition. He died in our government’s custody.

Based on the suspicion of shoplifting, a young male at age 16 was kidnapped off the street and didn’t see home for the next 3 years. He spent two birthdays in solitary confinement.

Five young men from the ages 14-16 were kidnapped off the street, charged with a crime, convicted with little to no physical evidence and spent their childhood behind a cell. They never committed the crime.

The Black Panther Party started the FREE breakfast program in this country Fred Hampton, a member, was shot twice while sleeping in his home by Chicago Police with the help of the FBI. He was 21.

Currently, men sit in prison/jail for the possession/distribution of marijuana while Rylie Maedler becomes America’s youngest CEO in the multimillion-dollar Cannabis industry.

Thus, I have come to the conclusion that a war is being waged on the Black body. That our existence is a precarious one. In the 2018 drama ” The Hate You Give”, Khalil’s death illustrates the perspective law enforcement has on the black body. Our skin is a weapon, gun or no gun.

” You turned your hate into fear, now you use it as a showcase to contest your power” – A.A

Black people, people of color have been dying at the hands of law enforcement. Our democratic government watches as babies die at the border.

While African Americans and Black Americans engage in frivolous arguments on why they don’t like each other. When what they shouldn’t like is the standard of whiteness this world was created on, that ignites this ‘resentment’. Racism and colonialism have shattered the group’s views on one another. While a cop wouldn’t think twice about shooting either if he/ she views the body as a threat.

I watch as we do the work ourselves. Dividing.

There’s a war being waged on the black body, how safe are you?

( All the stories mentioned above, are black/ POC victims)